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Spencer A. Beckett II is an award winning Digital Media Producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Beckett has worked in the Film, Television and the Music industries since 1997, in which he secured a Congressional scholarship to study Recording Arts in Berlin, Germany.

In Berlin, Mr. Beckett worked as a Production Assistant for a recording studio, where he worked on projects such as Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt Movie), O.P. Pheonix, and Die Toten Hosen.

Mr. Beckett is a graduate of Temple University’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Television and Film Production (B.A.) with a Minor in German Studies; and a Masters of Education in Career and Technical Education (M.Ed.)

In April of 2014 Mr. Beckett was awarded The National Liberty Museum’s Teacher as Hero Award. Mr Beckett received this award for his dedication to students and student achievement. This nationally recognized award documented his story and was exhibited it in The National Liberty Museum for the 2014-15 exhibition cycle. During that year he was also honored at the Congress-Budestag Youth Exchange program’s 30th year celebration for his advocacy and work with student exchange programs.

In 2015 Mr. Beckett finished an (i2) Fellowship program with the Innovator’s Institute in Philadelphia. The Innovator’s Institute is a partnership with Philadelphia Academies, Inc., Philadelphia Youth Network, and Philadelphia School District’s Office of Career and Technical Education. Mr. Beckett was responsible for researching, developing and implementing innovative teaching practices and models during the course of his fellowship.

When he’s not in the classroom Mr. Beckett enjoys traveling and writing music. Mr. Beckett spends his summers working as a independent contractor in Digital Media Production, working on productions such as Marvel StudiosCaptain America Civil WarAvatar: The Last Airbender,  Yahoo! Traveler with Mtv’s Quddus, Industrial Commercials, and much more.